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Our Students and Us

Elliot Kim
Swarthmore College 2023
Fairfax HS
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So Young Kwon
Cornell University
Emma Willard School
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Song Hee Han
Stanford University
Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego, CA
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Joyce Kang
Harvard University
North Hollywood Highly Gifted Magnet
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Ted Chung
Duke University, NC
Los Osos HS, upland, CA
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Min Jung Maria Lee
Yale University
Phillips Academy, Exeter
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Min Seon Kim
Georgetown University
George Washington University
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JiWoo Choi
UC, Berkeley
Cerritos HS, CA
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JiYoung Yim
Mount Holyoke College, Amherst, MA
Beijing University, China
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Great Britain
West HS, Torrance, CA
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Chloe Kim
Barnard College, NY
Cate School, CA
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Dr Yang in Harvard Admission Institute 1998.

Dr Yang attended the Harvard Admission Institute 1998, probably as only one of few independent consultants from private sector if not a sole participant. The group has been meeting every June at Harvard University campus, since 1950s. Notice participants are mostly white. Can you find Dr Yang who was a rare specie of Asian with Hawaiian shirt on. If you know the field, you may be able to find Dr. William Fitzsimmons, Harvard Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, and the legendary Fred Hargadon, former Princeton Dean of Admissions, who passed on in 2014.