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DR YANG (USEduConulting) specializes in guiding college-bound students and their families through the entire process of college application—starting as early as the first year of high school— to ensure that client-students secure acceptance from the most prestigious American colleges and universities. US Edu Consulting was established by Dr. Min Yang and Mrs. Sue Yang in 2008 after 15 years of service in the same field as Polymath Academy and Dr. Yang Education Group, Inc. They  between them boast a combined 50 years of experience in college guidance service for students around the world.

DR YANG (USEduConsulting) promises: 
1. The knowhow with which to present college admissions with energized CVs and impassioned personal statements.
2. The eyes to see student applications from the point of view of admissions departments.
3. Field experience that has over the years successfully placed thousands of applicants within the cream of U.S. colleges and universities. 
However, the binding ingredient that that truly elevates our services is the personal attention we devote to each and every student to help forge a unique life path. 

DR YANG (USEduConsulting) ’s philosophy focuses on the particular strengths, skills, passions, and values of individual students: our goal is to reveal and nurture untapped greatness. Acting as students’ and families’ “designer” consultants and mentors, we present a custom-fitted road map based on students’ aptitudes, interests, aspirations, and financial means. On this path, we lead the way for optimal goal-setting, guide students in choosing what’s best for them, and assist with problem-solving. 

We discover the means to elevate seemingly ordinary students into something extraordinary, and ensure that colleges can’t help but notice merits that might otherwise go overlooked. 

Our transformative goals are based on long-term strategizing, so we therefore recommend that clients secure our services as early as possible. In this way, we can meaningfully touch aspects of students’ lives in and out of high school life, including but not limited to GPAs, extracurricular activities, test scores for SAT and ACT, and Advanced Placement courses. But even students who sign on only for the college application process will receive the treatment reserved for all who walk through our doors: We will help you stride confidently toward success, armed with our experience, knowledge, intuition, and integrity.

Head Consultants

The No. 1 factor in Admissions success is the consultants themselves: Stick with the Gurus .

Dr. Min Yang and Ms. Sue Yang are the CEO and head consultants of US Edu Consulting. Together, they will look over and manage the consulting services for our clients: students and their families.

Dr. Min Yang graduated from Seoul National University with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, and after few years at DooSan Research Institute, came to Los Angeles to study Chemical Engineering at USC. During his Doctorate candidacy, he taught local college-bound students such subjects as Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, US History and SAT skills. These experiences instilled in him a passion for high quality education services for the younger generations. At that point, Dr. Yang founded Polymath Academy, aka Dr. Yang Education Center with his wife Sue Yang, who had studied education and teaching at Ewha Women’s University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English and French, and had taught high school in Korea.

For the next 15 years, Dr. and Ms. Yang taught literally thousands of students, most of whom went on to the most reputable U.S. colleges and universities, including Ivy League institutions. Dr. Yang diagnoses students’ current conditions, with a deep and accurate understanding, and guides them towards ideal, success-minded paths. Drawing from 50 real-life student case files, he published the US College Entrance Navigator in 2010.

In 2007, Sue Yang CEO and Dr. Yang together founded the consulting firm US Edu Consulting a concern devoted solely to admissions consulting for U.S. colleges and universities, professional schools, and boarding schools. Ms. Yang is adamant about quality control and guaranteed satisfaction. Her students are without fail accepted into top-drawer schools; most find their way to their dream schools, often when they had seen this as impossibility. Every now and then families of students send her thank-you cards. Her students and their parents call her their mentor and a life counselor of great intuition and perspicacity.

Dr Min Yang, CEO
Head Consultant
-Graduated from Seoul National University, BS in Engineering
-Doctorate from University of Southern California, Ph.D.(1991)
-Founded Dr. Yang Education Center (Polymath Academy) (1992)
-Participated at Harvard Admissions Institute (1998)
-Administered the first SAT Mock Exam for Korean Americans in Korea Town, Los Angeles. The event was co-sponsored by the Korea Daily, aka JoongAng IlBo.
-Award of Certificate of Appreciation from CSU Chancellor after co-sponsoring CSU with the Korea Times (2005)
-Co-founded US Edu Consulting (2007)
-Authored US College Entrance Navigator (2010)
-Education Columnist for the Korea Times, the Korea Daily, the Lady JoongAng (1992-present)
-Longtime fixture as a commentator on both Korean and Korean American television (1992-present)
-Appeared regularly (2016~2017) in
      TV – LA18 TV — “PrimeNews” 8pm
      Radio – Radio1230 Woori Broadcasting — “Education Plus” Monday 2pm
      Newspaper – The Korea Daily — “Education Column”
      Magazine – The H — “Education Column”
Sue Yang, COO
Head Consultant
-Graduated from Ewha Women’s University, BA in Teaching English and French
-Co-Founded Dr Yang Education Center (Polymath Academy) (1992)
-UCLA Extension College Consulting Certificate
-National Association for College Admission Counseling Member (present)
-Founded US Edu Consulting(2007)
-Main MC for Education Program in JTBC “US College Entrance Navigation with Dr. Yang” (2009)
-Education Columnist for the Korea Times (2008-2013)

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