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양민 박사와 수 양 - 미국대학진학 스페샬리스트

Both Dr. Min Yang, Ph.D and Sue Yang, CEO.
are expert college consultants
with forty years of combined experience
in College Admission Consulting.  

As college specialists, and college admission consultants
in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
in Southern California since 1986,
Dr. and Mrs. Yangs' expertise has guided
thousands of students to the colleges of their choice.

Highly respected as Educational Consultants and
College Admissions Consultants,
Dr. Yang and Sue Yang motivate their clients
to work toward achieving their potential
while offering them a range of options.

Numerous time during the year,
Dr. and Sue Yang
hold Workshops locally
for parents and students, emphasizing the FACTS, MYTHS, and REALITIES that are a part of Competitive US College Admission process.

Securing "the right match" for each client is their focus.
Colleges that meet the needs, interests, and aspirations of each client is their goal.

As College Admissions Consultants, Dr. Yang Edu Consulting offers comprehensive, highly personalized service including individualized strategies to best serve each client's needs. Each client receives Unlimited Phone Consultations and Generous Face to Face Meetings
to the parents and students.

Dr. Yang US Education Consulting remains
an advocate for its clients from the beginning contact
through their successful admission to the colleges of their choice.  If a client is waitlisted, we also guide him/her
without extraneous charges.

Dr. Yang and Sue Yang offer a complimentary consultation for a family in order to determine
what student's needs are.

When a family decides to become a client,
they can choose beteen an hourly rate Service and
a comprehensive fee Service depending on the needs assessed.

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Sue Yang, CEO 수양 원장 (유명숙) 초상화
    수양 원장, Sue Yang 수양 링크나우 프로필 바로가기

    Please call to discuss consulting arrangements: (213) 738-0744