What We do

Freshman Admission Consulting Services

1. Freshman Admission Consulting to Top US Colleges & Universities

– US Students
-Private School Students, Public School Students, or Boarding School Students
– Non US Students (for whom English is a Common Language)
-Students from Commonwealth Countries
(Canada/ GB/ Australia/ New Zealand)
– Non US Students (for whom English is Not a Common Language)
-Students from Schools where English is not the instructional language
-American School or Foreign School Students
(Europe/ Mid-East/ South America)
-Students pursuing Music, Arts, Performing Arts, Acting, Jazz or Instruments.
-Students who have decided recently to pursue education in the U.S.
-Home-Schooled Students
If you are unable to appear in person for the first consulting in our L.A. offices, please call us to arrange for an initial phone consultation or email conversation. Contact us: 
Los Angeles Main Office: 213.738.0744 (English or Korean)

Transfer Admission Consulting Services

2. Transfer Admission Consulting to US Colleges

Getting into college as a freshman is the most common, but not the only, way to start one’s higher education. If you did not have the chance to get into your dream school as a freshman, a transfer might be your next move. We help such students reach their dream institutions:

1. Students currently attending a U.S .community college who want to transfer to a prestigious college.
2. Students currently attending a U.S. 4-year college who want to transfer to a more prestigious college.
3. Students currently attending a college outside of U.S. who want to transfer to a prestigious U.S. college.

Admission Consulting for Top US Graduate Schools/ Professional Schools

3. Admission Consulting & Transfer Consulting For Top US Graduate Schools/ Professional Schools

In the U.S., when selecting colleges, people often consider whether the selected college will be advantageous for graduate school 4 years later. For those who pursue an advanced or professional degree, that means the institution from which they obtain the final degree is more important. We help students succeed in entering graduate schools and professional schools, according to the viewpoints of selecting committees.

1. Students who graduated from a U.S. College
2. Students who graduated from a non-U.S. College 
3. Students who are pursuing a professional degree in:
    -Buisness School
    -Law School
    -Medical School
    -School of Osteopathic Medicine
    -Dental School
    -Pharmacy School
    -Optometric School
    -Veterinarian School
    -Nursing School 

Admission Consulting for U.S. Boarding Schools (Canadian Boarding Schools)

4. Admission Consulting For U.S. Boarding Schools (Canadian Boarding Schools)

Reputable boarding schools are the gateways to Ivy League schools. For students who need a few more years of parental guidance, however, it may not be the best option.

– Students from U.S. Schools
– Students from outside the U.S.

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